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Insight: Final 2018 Vintage Census Estimate Release and Gardner Institute Products

By: Mallory Bateman, Emily Harris, and Natalie Young

While the Census Bureau is most well-known for the decennial census (next up, 2020!), they are also responsible for a multitude of other surveys and products. One suite of products, which impacts funding allocation in Utah, are the Population and Housing Unit Estimates.

Updated annually, the Population Estimates Program provides data releases at varying levels of geography and demographic detail. These estimates provide July 1 estimates for each year in the decade and also include the most recent Census data as the earliest point estimate.

The highlights from the latest release include:

  • Utah maintaining the title of “youngest state in the nation” with a median age of 31 years
  • Insights into the racial and ethnic composition of the state and counties

In the previous releases of this suite of products, we also learned that between 2017 and 2018:

  • Utah’s housing stock increase was the 2nd fastest in the nation
  • South Jordan w