Ivory-Boyer Construction Database

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, in partnership with the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center, tracks building permit activity across the state, publishing the quarterly Ivory-Boyer Construction Report and maintaining the Ivory-Boyer Construction Database.

The construction report provides an in-depth analysis of both residential and non-residential trends. The public-use database contains 40 years of detailed monthly permit data for Utah localities. Real estate professionals, planners, economists, researchers, business leaders, and public officials rely on the report and database to make informed decisions.

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Visit the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center website.

For detailed data on cities, counties and the state from 1994 to the present please follow the relevant link:

Select historical building permit data by choosing a start date and end date. Helpful for viewing historical year-end data and current year-to-date totals.

Select historical building permit data by choosing individual months and years. Helpful for comparisons of monthly, quarterly, or other unique monthly combinations over time.

Please note: reports are current through June 2023.

For more information, please contact Dejan Eskic at (801)-213-0965 or permitdata@utah.edu.