David Eccles School of Business

Our Mission: To develop and share economic, demographic and public policy data and research that help individuals and the community make informed decisions.

 Our Vision: To be a vital gathering place and center for independent economic, demographic and public policy thought leadership that helps our community prosper.

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute at the University of Utah prepares economic, demographic and public policy research that helps Utah prosper. We are Utah’s demographic experts, leaders on the Utah economy, and specialists on public policy and survey research.

Here are some examples of the services we provide:

Economics and Public Policy—Our seasoned team of economists analyses economic impacts, prepares economic forecasts, examines tax and expenditure policies, and provides economic development advice. We are experts on the Utah economy and specialists in public policy related to regional economics, economic development, and public finance.

Demographics—Our demographers make sense of Utah’s unique demographic characteristics and interpret how they affect policy choices. We prepare the state’s official population estimates and projections and serve as the lead entity for the Census Bureau in Utah.

Survey Research—Our public-purpose surveys, focus groups, and interviews help ensure the public’s voice is heard and provide valuable insight for decision makers.

Community Engagement—Our world class venue on Salt Lake City’s premier avenue (South Temple Street) serves as an embassy of thought, ideas, and innovation. We engage the community in informed discussions about critical issues impacting our community.

Throughout our nation’s history, great American cities have turned to a trusted entity where information can be gathered, analyzed, and shared. This exchange of information provides the trusted data decision makers need to make informed decisions.

At the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute we are an honest broker of INFORMED RESEARCH, that guides INFORMED DISCUSSIONS, and leads to INFORMED DECISIONS™.