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Current Census Bureau Estimates

The Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program produces estimates of the population for the United States, states, counties, cities, and towns. Demographic components of population change (births, deaths, and migration) and characteristics (age, sex, race and ethnicity) are produced annually.

The Census Bureau’s July 1, 2020 estimates are based on the 2010 census and do not incorporate the 2020 census results. The estimates were produced to evaluate census counts and inform research and methodological improvements over the coming decade. The Census Bureau will release population estimates for July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021, incorporating 2020 census results, beginning in December 2021.

Access the July 1, 2020 estimates here.

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Population Estimate FAQ

Census Bureau Estimates

Nation and State


Subcounty (cities and towns)

Age, Sex, and Race and Hispanic Origin

Additional estimates for the nation, states, and counties by age, sex, race and ethnicity, and components of change (births, deaths, and migration) can be found on the U.S. Census Bureau, Population Estimates website.

The Census Bureau revised population estimates between the 2000 Census and the 2010 Census. These intercensal estimates can be found on their website.

Locally produced estimates are available at the State and County and Subcounty level for Salt Lake and Utah counties.