County Tourism Dashboard – Utah

The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute estimates visitor spending, tourism-related jobs, and tourism-related tax revenue for all Utah counties annually, updated through the county tourism dashboard. We derive county-wide visitor spending estimates using various data sources, including U.S. Travel Association visitor spending data, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data, and Utah State Tax Commission tax revenue data. We run our visitor spending estimates through both economic modeling software (IMPLAN) and our own fiscal models to generate the most accurate figures for Utah’s 29 counties.

Please note that visitor spending on public transportation, which includes air, rail, public transit, taxi, shuttle, and ride-sharing, is not included in the county profiles due to the lack of reliable data. For more information on Utah’s public transportation sector, click here.

View the statewide tourism report here.

Find PDF versions of the 2022 County Profiles2021 County Profiles2020 County Profiles and 2019 County Profiles here.

Reference the dashboard’s “Glossary of Terms” here.