Michael T. Hogue, M.A.

/Michael T. Hogue, M.A.

Michael T. Hogue, M.A.

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Phone: 801-581-6335

Email: michael.hogue@utah.edu

Michael Hogue serves as a senior research statistician, specializing in labor economics, applied econometrics, and forecasting.

Hogue’s recent work includes the development of a forecasting model for oil and natural gas revenues, completed as part of an analysis of the fiscal impacts of a transfer of federal lands to the state of Utah, and long-term projections of employment by major industry.

Hogue holds a B.A. in economics, a B.A. in mathematics, and an M.A. in economics, all from Mississippi State University. Hogue serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the University of Utah Department of Economics, teaching undergraduate econometrics in recent years.

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