News Release

Utah population reaches estimated 3,343,552 people, net in-migration surges

December 8, 2021 (Salt Lake City) – Population estimates for July 1, 2021, released today by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, indicate the state added approximately 71,936 people since the 2020 census, reaching an estimated 3,343,552 Utahns. From July 1, 2020, to July 1, 2021, the population grew by 58,729 people. This annual growth rate of 1.8% is the highest since 2017.

“Utah started the decade with a year of solid growth, averaging 160 new residents per day,” said Emily Harris, Senior Demographer at the Gardner Institute and lead author of the report. “The state also experienced the second-highest recorded net migration and the lowest natural increase since 1975. This year’s estimates indicate a slight rebound as Utahns move through a global pandemic and attempt to find a new normal.”

Key results from the report include the following:

Natural Increase – Since July 1, 2010, Utah has experienced an annual decline in natural increase due to annual births decreasing while annual deaths increase. National trends during this same period depict a declining fertility rate significantly impacted by the Great Recession. Utah’s total fertility rate (TFR) fell from 2.45 in 2010 to below replacement level (1.99 in 2019), moving from the highest TFR in the nation to the third highest.

Net Migration – Utah’s 2021 net migration is 34,858, almost 10,000 more than last year’s estimate. This estimate is the highest net migration since 2005 and is the 7th consecutive year that net migration has been above 20,000. Net migration contributed 5