News Release

Gardner Policy Institute expands professional staff

Institute adds depth in energy, construction, economics and public policy

Feb. 15 (Salt Lake City) – The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute today announced new and expanded staff positions that will strengthen the research capacities of the institute and better serve Utah decision makers. Together, the new staff add over 100 years of public policy experience to an already deep and talented staff.

The professional staff at the Gardner Policy Institute now numbers 26, providing a significant research presence to serve the Utah Governor’s Office, Legislature, county and city government, businesses, non-profits, and other entities and individuals. During 2017 the institute prepared the state’s official long-term population and employment projections, research on Utah’s declining fertility rate, an analysis of the impact of globalization on the Utah economy, the Economic Report to the Governor, an analysis of the economic impact of Utah’s aerospace and defense industry, and other compelling research products.

The staff announcements include the following:

Juliette Tennert, M.A., Chief Economist

Ms. Tennert, who already directs the economic and public policy research at the Gardner Policy Institute, will now serve as Chief Economist. In this role, she will provide insightful commentary on national and local economic conditions, including a monthly blog on the Utah economy. Tennert will also be the lead economic forecaster for the institute and oversee q