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“Storytelling through Data” Event: “Got you Covered? A Conversation with Health Economist and Genius Grant Winner Amy Finkelstein”

Health insurance is key to accessing and affording health care in our country. Yet, many Americans remain uncovered, and those with health care coverage may still face high premiums and health care costs—particularly when faced with a medical emergency or chronic condition. National and state policy leaders have attempted to address these problems for years, but reform is difficult. So, what can be done?

Join author, economist, and MacAuthur Genius Grant winner Amy Finkelstein to discuss her book “We’ve Got You Covered”—a lively and provocative proposal for health insurance reform. Marshaling original research, striking insights from American history, and comparative analysis of what works and what doesn’t from systems around the world, Finkelstein and her coauthor, Stanford health economist Liran Einav, argue for automatic, basic, and free universal coverage for everyone, along with the option to buy additional, supplemental coverage. Their wholly original argument and comprehensive blueprint for an American universal health insurance system will contribute significantly to the marketplace of ideas.

Finkelstein will be joined by a panel of local health care experts to discuss her book, the U.S. health insurance system, and proposals for change in the context of Utah’s health data, markets, and outcomes. The conversation will be moderated by Salt Lake Tribune Executive Editor Lauren Gustus.

The video will begin streaming at 12:25 pm, Monday, February 26.