Ivory-Boyer Construction Report and Database

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Ivory-Boyer Construction Report and Database

The Utah economy depends on a vibrant construction industry. The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute partners with the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center, both located within the David Eccles School of Business, to collect monthly building permit data from nearly every city and county in Utah. Analysts at the Policy Institute aggregate the data into the Ivory-Boyer Construction Database. The database is used by real estate professionals, planners, economists, researchers and business and community leaders to make informed decisions about the Utah economy.

In addition to the database, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute publishes a quarterly Ivory-Boyer Construction Report with data and analysis about permit-authorized construction. Ivory-Boyer Senior Fellow James Wood authors the report, which provides decision makers with critical information about residential and non-residential construction trends and issues. Both the database and the report provide valuable information for Utah decision makers.

The Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center, Database and Construction Report are named after Roger Boyer of The Boyer Company and Ellis Ivory of Ivory Homes. Boyer and Ivory met as fraternity pledges at the University of Utah and became lifelong friends. Both established successful real estate businesses that contribute to the strength of the Utah economy. The Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center manages the Utah Real Estate Challenge – a competition that invites submissions from students and awards thousands of dollars of prize money to winners and finalists. In addition, Boyer and Ivory serve as advisors to the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.

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Please note: reports are current through November 2018.

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