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Our Northern Neighbor: Comparing the economies of Utah and Idaho

By: Natalie Gochnour

Originally published in Utah Business

I love the state of Idaho. I love the spectacular mountains, the rivers and the farmlands. I enjoy visiting the small towns and view Boise as an up-and-coming metropolitan area with an urban vibe. I love Sun Valley in the winter or summer and always welcome the chance to take my family there for a getaway. Mostly, I appreciate the people of Idaho for their friendliness, hardiness and industrious spirit. We are fortunate in Utah to have such a wonderful neighbor to the north.

I’ve watched with interest over the past few years as Utah businesses have expanded their reach into Idaho. Zions Bank has a beautiful headquarters building in the new Eighth & Main 18-story high rise in Boise. Several Utah-based insurance companies have expanded their portfolios into the Idaho market, and Utah construction companies frequently build projects there. Indeed, the economic connections between Idaho and Utah are deepening, creating more and more opportunity for businesses in both states. I think this is a positive trend.

Interestingly, a review of the economic and demographic data reveals a few surprises ab