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Mayor Biskupski Should Provide Statewide Leadership

By: Natalie Gochnour

Originally published in the Deseret News

We learned this week that Jackie Biskupski will be the next mayor of Salt Lake City. In an election that was hard fought and hard earned, Mayor-elect Biskupski shared an inclusive vision that inspired Salt Lake City residents. She has my admiration, respect and congratulations.

I’m not currently a resident of Salt Lake City, but I am a native Salt Laker, spend a considerable amount of time in the city and occasionally work professionally on city issues. I’d like to offer a perspective.

Salt Lake City holds a privileged place among cities in the Beehive State. As a capital city, it is the seat of government. As the urban center, it is the financial, economic, legal, cultural, entertainment, shopping and transportation center for over 3 million people. This gives Salt Lake City many economic advantages over its suburban and rural counterparts.

Mayor Biskupski should provide statewide leadership

Salt Lake City lays claim to major national/regional headquarters for companies like Intermountain Healthcare, Questar, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs. Salt Lake City benefits from major cultu