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Insight: The Jazz are Utah: Looking back on the Jazz wins off the court

By: Jennifer Robinson

The Utah Jazz are done playing for the 2017-2018 season, but their impact on the community will last all year. Thanks to the leadership and values held both on and off the court, Utah’s NBA basketball franchise has garnered a massive following across the state and region, producing a large positive impact for our state. Utah Jazz President Steve Starks joined Natalie Gochnour for May’s Newsmaker Breakfast (watch recording here) to discuss this impact.

Starks noted that the excellent team leadership starts with the Miller family, as they bring high values to the front office and exude upstanding leadership qualities. Last year, the Miller family made news when they transferred ownership of the Jazz to a trust. This move means the family will no longer directly profit from the team, but guarantees that Utah will be the permanent home for the Jazz. Starks also spoke at length about the strength of Gail Miller’s legacy of philanthropic work and efforts to provide the leadership and principles on which the organization is founded. She helps the organization have the stability and confidence to run the team the right way: to focus on developing players rather than luring in big names for quick wins, and keeping the team focused on improving the community.

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