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Insight: What’s going on with the 2020 Census?

By: Mallory Bateman

The 2020 Census is just over seven months away for most of the US, with Census Day being April 1. Enumerations start even earlier in Alaska, with efforts starting in January to maximize accessibility to areas that can’t be reached in other times of the year. The Demographics Team at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute has a vested interest in the Census, due to our ongoing partnerships with the Census Bureau, our 2020 Census Technical Advisory Committee, and our suite of products being reliant on a good baseline being established through the data. However, the Census has had a few developments with a big story in the past few months, and a quieter action currently taking place.

In July, after a decision from the Supreme Court with some additional back and forth with the Department of Commerce and the President, it was decided that the citizenship question will not be on the 2020 Census. Although the path to get to that point sometimes felt like a saga worthy of a Tolkien or Rowling tome, it is nice to finally reach a conclusion. The questionnaire will feature seven questions for each member of the household, with a few additional questions for the head of household.

This month, the qui