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Insight: Utah’s Households are Recovering from the Adverse Socioeconomic Impacts of COVID-19

By: Eric Albers and Hannah Keating

Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author alone and do not reflect an institutional position of the Gardner Institute. We hope the opinions shared contribute to the marketplace of ideas and help people as they formulate their own INFORMED DECISIONS™.

Quickly after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the Census Bureau implemented the Household Pulse Survey to track the impact of the virus on households across the country. Our team at the Gardner Institute created an online data tool showing the impact of COVID-19 on Utahns across a range of topics including employment, housing, mental health, education, health insurance, and food security. The newest update to Gardner’s Household Pulse Survey Data Tool includes five months of new data from the recently concluded Phase 3.

Completed Household Pulse Survey Data Releases