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Insight: Utah’s Domestic Visitors: Nonresident vs. Resident Travel

By: Jennifer Leaver

Utahns know what makes our state special: majestic mountain ranges, red rock deserts, slot canyons, the Western Hemisphere’s largest saltwater lake, world-class winter sports, blue-ribbon trout streams—the list goes on. Did you know that Utah’s natural amenities are the number one draw of domestic nonresident visitors? And that each year, out-of-state visitors spend more money in Utah’s economy than do resident travelers?

According to Omnitrak’s 2018 domestic traveler survey, last year a third of Utah’s domestic nonresident visitors came from the five states of California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, and Texas. Nearly half (44 percent) of all domestic travelers were Utahns—or those who traveled at least 50 miles one-way within the state. The vast majority (91 percent) of all domestic visitors drove to or within Utah and stayed at their destination(s) an average of 3.4 nights.

Share of Total Domestic Visitors by State, 2018

Source: Omnitrak

After crossing into Utah, over a third of nonresident t