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Insight: Trends Affecting Employment in Utah’s Health Care and Social Assistance Industry

By: Laura Summers

Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author alone and do not reflect an institutional position of the Gardner Institute. We hope the opinions shared contribute to the marketplace of ideas and help people as they formulate their own INFORMED DECISIONS™.

This month, the Gardner Institute released its long-term projections for population and employment changes in Utah. The projections show employment in Utah’s health care and social assistance industry is expected to grow by close to 185,000 employees between 2020 and 2060, making it one of the largest drivers of employment growth in the state.

The projections for the health care and social assistance industry are modeled from national trends, taking into account local population growth. The projections team also connected with industry experts to ensure their model and outputs align with and reflect local industry dynamics and trends as appropriate. The dynamics and trends that emerged from these conversations can be summarized in five key points:

  1. Expansion and contraction of the health care and social assistance industry tend to follow population growth and changing health care needs. Significant expansions in health care and social assistance employment generally occur in city centers and areas with strong economic stabi