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Insight: The Role of Industrial Banks in the Utah Economy – But First, What Is an Industrial Bank?

By: Andrea Thomas Brandley

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In 2019, Utah’s 14 industrial banks held $140.6 billion in assets, such as loans, 93.5% of the total for all industrial banks in the United States. That large majority caught my eye as I’ve lived in Utah my whole life, and up until last month I had no idea what an industrial bank even was! Industrial banks (also known as industrial loan companies) are state-chartered institutions that provide financial services to individuals and organizations. However, they differ from the average bank in a few important ways:

  1. They are usually branchless – You can’t walk in and set up a checking account like you would at your local bank. All Utah industrial banks are branchless although a few out-of-state industrial banks have branch locations.
  2. They can be owned by nonfinancial companies – Commercial businesses can own indust