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Insight: State Budget Report Cards Out, Utah a Model Student

By: Juliette Tennert

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The Volcker Alliance gave Utah high marks in state budget practices in its recently released Truth and Integrity in State Budgeting: The Balancing Act report.

The third annual report is the product of a multi-year study that assesses how state governments measure up in five fiscal practice areas:

  • Budget forecasting: Whether or not states do consensus and multi-year forecasts and the reasonableness of assumptions
  • Budget maneuvers: States’ use of short-term budget fixes that threaten long-term sustainability
  • Legacy costs: Funding efforts for public pension and other post-employment benefit obligations
  • Reserve funds:  Existence and adequacy of budget reserve funds and withdrawal and deposit policies
  • Transparency: The detail and accessibility of information on the overall budget, debt, deferred infrastructure replacement costs, and tax expenditures

Since the research began, no state has earned an all-A report card. Only Hawaii and Utah posted As in four of five categories in FY 2019. Hawaii received a