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Insight: Pandemic-Driven Travel: How COVID-19 Influenced 2020 Tourism Trends

By: Jennifer Leaver

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Exactly one year ago, my teenage daughter and I were anxiously awaiting our summer humanitarian trip to Thailand—something that we had been planning for over six months. One week later, everything changed.

In early 2020, COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. and seemed likely to stay a while. To slow the spread of this new virus, government leaders enacted travel bans, airlines canceled flights, and many hospitality-related businesses closed their doors. The entire world scrambled to find quick solutions to the sudden problems this novel coronavirus created. It soon became clear to me: Thailand was not going to happen. Neither was an April work trip. Nor a fall trip to the East Coast. What also became clear was that travel “as we knew it” was changing.

So, how exactly has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Utah travel trends and visitation?

First, travelers took to the roads instead of the skies. In 2020, air travel was perceived as too risky due to prolonged