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Insight: New Population Estimates by County, Age, and Sex

By: Mike Hollingshaus

We are excited to publish annual population estimates by age and sex for Utah and each of its counties. These numbers cover each year since the 2010 decennial Census through 2018, and are consistent with the total population estimates produced by the Utah Population Committee (UPC). While the total UPC numbers have long been available, the new age and sex detail permits planners and researchers to address additional needs.

Total population numbers are obviously important for informed planning, but so are demographic characteristics such as age. Utah has the youngest population in the nation, yet is still aging very rapidly. Our numbers show the population aged 65 and older is growing quicker than younger groups as Baby Boomers age into retirement and birth rates continue to decline. Older Utahns require different services than younger Utahns, with implications for issues such as education, retirement planning, health care, housing demand, and business location.

Demographic patterns also differ by geography. Utah County is, on average, younger than Washington County; and Cache County has a high population of college-age students. Our new data products provide policymakers with the additional specificity of detail required for the critical decisions that will affect Utahns all around the state.

We used our UDEM projection model to produce these estimates. It is custom-built to c