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Insight: New Demographic County Profiles, 2010-2018

By: Pamela S. Perlich and Mike Hollingshaus

Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author alone and do not reflect an institutional position of the Gardner Institute. We hope the opinions shared contribute to the marketplace of ideas and help people as they formulate their own INFORMED DECISIONS™.

Today we are pleased to share Utah demographic state and county profiles that summarize our detailed population estimates. These profiles distill the most essential and recent population data for each county in one convenient place. We have included those charts, tables, and data points that users most often request. Intensive data users can access our full estimates dataset online.

Each profile consists of two pages of county-specific narrative, graphics, and tables. Data include population by age and sex for 2018, summary changes since 2010, and race/ethnic distributions. We also included contextual information about the major industries, employers, and other characteristics that influence population size and composition.

This new product completes our 2018 vintage population estimates suite. The first release was last December when we produced county population totals and components of change (births, deaths, and net migration) for July 1, 2018. We produced these estimates in collaboration with the Utah Population Committee (UPC), as stipulated in