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Insight: How do the new U.S. Population Projections Compare to Utah’s?

By: Mike Hollingshaus

The U.S. Census Bureau recently published new long-term population projections for the United States to 2100, along with scenarios. The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute publishes population projections for Utah and its 29 counties. Our most recent baseline long-term planning projections and to 2060 were published last year.

This blog overviews some key top-level comparisons between the Utah and United States population projections until 2060. Though the projection models use different methodologies appropriate to their geographies (the United States uses international migration rates, while Utah uses employment growth), these comparisons illuminate how Utah fits into the larger picture of national growth.

Total Population

In 2022, the United States population was about 333 million. Utah’s population was around 3.4 million, about 1% of the U.S. total. Figure 1 shows the projected populations for both populations. Note that while the Census Bureau terms their most likely projection the “