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Insight: Has Utah Become a Middle-Wage State? And Can Utah Become a High-Wage State?


By: Matthew Weinstein, State Priorities Partnership Director, Voices for Utah Children

Editor’s note: The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute occasionally publishes blogs from partners in our community. This blog features research by Voices for Utah Children. The opinions and research expressed are those of the author alone and do not reflect an institutional position or research by the Gardner Policy Institute. We hope the information shared contributes to Utahns’ understanding of wages, and in turn help people formulate INFORMED DECISIONS™.

For many years, Utah economists have debated the question of whether or not it is accurate to say that Utah is a low-wage state.  A decade ago, for example, the issue was addressed by the Utah Foundation in a report arguing that Utah’s apparently low wages can be explained primarily by our youthful demographics.

This debate has important implications for two of the state’s main economic goals – two goals that are actually som