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Insight: Commuting Patterns in Utah, 2000 to 2010

By: Natalie Young

Today we release “Moving Toward 2020: Utah Commuting Patterns, 2000 to 2010,” which reviews home-to-work commuting patterns across the state from a county-level perspective. Understanding the status of commuting in 2010 prepares us for future analysis of the recently completed decade as more commuting data become available.

Quiz yourself on commuting in Utah: (answers at end of blog)

  1. Which county has the greatest share of residents who travel to work in another county?
  2. Which two counties have the strongest commuting relationship in the state?
  3. Which county has the strongest commuting relationship with Salt Lake County?

To delve into county-to-county commuting bonds, we created an “interchange score” measure. This analysis examines, for each county in a pair, shares of the county’s workers who commute to the partner county as well as shares of employment (jobs) supplied by the partner county. The score measures the commuting “connectedness” of two counties, rather than just the sheer numbers of commuters between them. See, for example, the interchange scores for counties when paired with Salt Lake County:

Top Commuting Relationships with Salt Lake County using Interchange Score, 2010