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2015 Utah Office Construction Near Record Levels

By: James Wood

The value of construction activity in Utah is at its highest level in seven years. Through the second quarter of 2015 Utah office construction statewide totaled $3.6 billion, including $2.1 billion in residential construction and $1.5 billion in nonresidential construction. Most surprising has been the strength of the nonresidential sector with construction value approaching the record level of 2008 (see Figure 1). Much of the strength of the nonresidential sector is due to new industrial and office building development (see Table 1).

Figure 1

Value of Nonresidential Construction in Utah

January through June 2015 | millions of dollars

Figure 1


Table 1

Value of Permit Authorized Nonresidential Construction in Utah

Figures in millions of dollars





Numeric Change Percent


Industrial, Warehouse, and Manufacturing Buildings $129.1 $352.5 $223.4 173.0%
Office and Professional Buildings $168.3 $239.1 $70.8 42.1%
Other Nonresidential Buildings