Research Analyst

Natalie Young is a research analyst, specializing in geographic information systems and geography.

Ms. Young collaborated on annual population and housing unit estimates for all census tracts of Salt Lake County for “Salt Lake County Small Area Estimates: 2010-2014”, performing analysis and mapping. She has designed a broad range of interactive maps that highlight census or local data, such as “Life Expectancy at Birth: 2008-2012,” which integrates Utah Department of Health data. Ms. Young created all maps for “Salt Lake City Change Atlas 2000-2010”, displaying small-area trends for 44 demographic and housing topics. She is currently producing small area postcensal population estimates for Utah County.

Ms. Young earned her B.S. in Geography with a GIS emphasis and minor in Media Arts from Brigham Young University. Prior to joining the University of Utah, Ms. Young contributed on GIS projects for two city governments and for private industry.