Utah is well-known for its signature demographics. We have the youngest population, largest household sizes, and among the most rapidly growing populations compared to other states. Utah maintains its distinctive demographic characteristics even while in the midst of a great economic, demographic, and cultural transformation. Aging “Baby Boomers” and growing populations of young, ethnically diverse immigrant arrivals are dramatically transforming the demographic landscape of the state. Importantly, the demographic implications of these ongoing and vast changes vary significantly by neighborhood and region across the state.

The Demography team at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute provides demographic expertise to support informed decision making. We are home to the U.S. Census Bureau State Data Center Program and have produced a series of demographic papers and monographs. Our expanding research program includes demographic modeling and analysis for use in population estimation and long term projections. With a deep understanding of Utah demographics, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute helps advance a stronger and more prosperous Utah economy.