Our Mission: To develop and share economic, demographic and public policy data and research that help individuals and the community make informed decisions.

Our Vision: To be a vital gathering place and center for independent economic, demographic and public policy thought leadership.

Throughout our nation’s history, great American cities have a trusted entity where information can be gathered, analyzed, and shared in order to better the community it serves.  It is this exchange of information that is at the core of a prosperous community.  Whether it is a government entity, a business, or an engaged citizenry, all can benefit from having a place for independent research and analysis.  The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute is that place.

An initiative of the David Eccles School of Business, this new institute combines academic rigor with practical experience to assist elected officials, business and community leaders, and the public in making informed decisions for a prosperous state. The institute’s goal is to be a trusted provider of independent economic, demographic, and public policy data, research, and analysis for the State of Utah.

The newly restored Thomas S. Monson Center is now home of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.  The mansion and the adjacent buildings include areas for training, seminars and lectures, classes, meetings, community dialogue and public gatherings.  Situated nearly equidistance from the University of Utah campus, the central business district, the State Capitol and City Hall, the Monson Center is the ideal location to bring the community together.

Thanks to the support of business leaders, elected officials and the University of Utah, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute will continue to grow as a prestigious center, synonymous with engagement, prosperity, and informed decisions.