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Census Releases Detailed Data on Utah’s Veteran Population

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, Ph.D.

Every Veterans Day I remember back to how handsome my father was in his blue Air Force uniform and carefully shined black shoes. When I was very young my dad was a pilot in the Strategic Air Command, which was a key component of the “strategic nuclear strike force” during the Cold War. I remember that he would dress in his green flight suit with the tall black boots, pack his duffle bag, and leave the house for what seemed like forever. His homecomings are very happy memories for me.

Veterans Day provides all of us with a reminder of the many who have served in the military, their contributions to our safety and security, and the sacrifices made by them and their loved ones. Certainly the people of Utah have made sustained and significant contributions to our national defense. We are proud of our long history of being home to defense installations, operations, and service members.

We honor those with military service on Veterans Day.

Census Utah Veteran Population

Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau


So who are the veterans in Utah? The U.S. Census Bureau has