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Insight: Utah’s Tech Sector Supports One in Seven Jobs in the State

By: Levi Pace

Tech is behind every post we see and every screen we touch. It’s every place we have a digital account. I’m typing this blog while working remotely, periodically checking my smartphone.

To pay for school, I was a learn-as-you-go computer technician at Alice Lloyd College in Eastern Kentucky. Backhoes dug trenches on both sides of Caney Creek for our fiber-optic network, which ran on Novell NetWare. I did IT support for faculty and staff PCs running Windows 95. After work, I prepared class assignments in WordPerfect. I didn’t realize then that Novell and WordPerfect software came to Appalachia from Utah County, 1,800 miles away.

Many organizations have long since run on information technology, from payroll and purchasing to marketing and distribution, even if they don’t deliver content online. Tech companies sell technology services and digital devices that enable other companies and individuals to do what they do.

What Does Tech Look Like in Utah?

Last year, tech companies provided over 118,000 jobs in Utah with average compensation of $106,000, more than 80 percent above the state average outside of tech. Adding in employment they generated in other industries, tech companies supported more than one in seven Utah jobs.

While tech culture comes across as young and hip, the tech sector makes room for people at every phase of their careers. Compared to other occupations, Utahns in tech roles have a similar age profile, but fewer women and people of color.

Tech Goes Way Back

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