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Insight: Utah Park Travel: What are the Summer Hotspots?

By: Jennifer Leaver

Summer is here and so is the heat! With Utah temperatures hovering around and surpassing 100 degrees lately, I began thinking about summer vacation and pondering Utah’s travel hotspots (no pun intended). In other words, where in Utah can we expect to see the most visitors this summer, and when is the best time to join ‘em…or avoid ‘em?

In Utah, warm-weather travel and tourism centers on Utah’s national and state parks, where there are natural amenities aplenty and recreation opportunities a-many. Based on 2018 National Park Service recreation visitation data, Zion and Arches National Park experienced the greatest visitation between May and July, with Zion visits peaking at over a half-million (541,464) in June and Arches receiving over 200,000 visits in May. Bryce Canyon, which has a higher base elevation than Zion and Arches, had its peak visitation mid-summer (July). Capitol Reef and Canyonlands both welcomed the most visits in May, followed by September. All national parks (less Canyonlands) saw a slight dip in visitation in August.

Utah National Parks Visits by Month, 2018

Source: National Park Service

Utah national places (monuments, recreation areas, and historic sites) experienced similar trend