Blog Post

Insight: The Future of Utah’s School and College-Age Population

By Heidi Prior

Utah’s population will add more than 284,000 school and college-age individuals between 2020 and 2060, according to long-term planning projections published by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. The variations in these populations over time reflect the impacts of birth patterns and migration over time. This blog summarizes projected changes in Utah’s school-age (5 to 17) and college-age (18-24) populations, which are explored in more depth in this research brief.

Figure 1. Utah School-Age and College-Age Estimates and Projections, 1980-2060

Source: Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute State and County Projections, 2020-2060

School-Age Population Change

Between 2020 and 2060, Utah’s school-age (age 5 to 17) population is expected to add nearly 106,000 additional residents; however, this change is small compared to the rest of the state’s population. Over the next four decades, Utah’s school-age population will grow by 15% while the state as a whole will grow by 66%. In fact, Utah’s school-age population will grow slower than any other age group in the state. As a result, by 2060, school-age residents will compose 15% of the state population, down from 21% in 2021.

Figure 2: Annual Absolute and Percent Change in Utah School-Age Population, 2010-2060