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Insight: New 2022 Census Bureau Estimates – National and State

By Emily Harris

The Census Bureau released its first set of population estimates for the 2022 vintage: national and state resident population and components of change.  This release provides a snapshot of the total population for all 50 states on July 1, 2022.

Utah Results

According to Census Bureau population estimates, Utah grew from 3,339,113 in 2021 to 3,380,800 in 2022, growing by 41,687 or 1.2%. Utah ranked 9th nationally for highest absolute population growth, and 10th for highest percentage growth. This is the lowest Census Bureau percent population growth for Utah in recent history. These estimates show that Utah’s main source of population growth was natural increase at 23,541, while a net migration of 18,312 was much lower than 2021’s net migration of 31,734.

Utah in the national rankings:


National Results

The Census Bureau estimates show a rebound of national population growth and international net migration that had halted during the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating a return to pre-pandemic patterns. Additionally, the United States saw its largest annual increase in births since 2007.

Regional Results

The Southern region (population of 128,716,192) boasted the most growth of all regions (1.1%) and was