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Insight: Greatest Snow on Earth? Utah Ski Industry Highlighted

By: Jennifer Leaver

As Utah experienced heavy snowfall this past ski season, thousands of tourists and native Utahns pulled out their ski gear and made their way up to the several ski resorts to enjoy the fresh powder. The easy access to world renowned skiing has always been a point of pride for Utahns, even to the point of mentioning the quality snow on our license plates. This past December at the Gardner Policy Institute, Ski Utah CEO Nathan Rafferty joined Natalie Gochnour for a conversation about Utah’s $1.4 billion ski industry.

After an entertaining self-introduction, including his rise from intern to CEO at Ski Utah, Rafferty talked about the Utah ski industry’s economic contributions, the number of skier days (4.1 million last season), and the quality of Utah snow in a national context. According to Rafferty, Utah’s ski industry ranks fourth in the nation after Colorado, California, and Vermont based on visitor spending and skier days.

Utah Skier/Snowboarder Expenditures