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Insight: Generosity and Action: Utah’s Innovative Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

By: Alex Eaton

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the largest refugee crises since World War II, and has had a devastating human impact. In Utah, this invasion was met with a tremendous outpouring of support for the millions of Ukrainians displaced, through the power and dynamism of collective philanthropy.

The goal of the Utah for Ukraine Fund at the Community Foundation of Utah was to provide immediate, short-term relief for refugees fleeing Ukraine. The Fund raised over $4 million in six weeks through March and April of 2022. This effort was not an isolated moment of generosity as Utah, home to over 1,500 Ukrainian neighbors, has a long tradition of supporting and welcoming refugees in need.

With the leadership of Larry H. Miller Company and the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation spearheading $2 million in matching funds, over 3,600 donors contributed to the Utah for Ukraine Fund. Donations ranged from larger contributions to those raised from lemonade stands and communities coming together to provide relief. This community groundswell in a time of need is just one of many examples of Utahns’ long history of generosity and compassion.

Informed by international crisis experts and humanitarian aid practitioners, the Utah for Ukraine Fund Advisory Committee identified specific populations and interventions for grant recommendations. These efforts were focused on aid resources for refugee youth, unaccompanied minors, and female headed households. To provide the most immediate impact, the Advisory Committee also set a direction for interventions around education, shelter, psychosocial support, and direct cash assistance.

In 2022, the Utah for Ukraine Fund distributed nearly $4 million in grants to the following organizations:

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) provided housing to hundreds of households in Bulgaria and Moldova. Bulgaria currently hosts over 94,000 refugees and the vast majority of refugees are women, with 40% being ch