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Insight: COVID-19 Rankings: Where Does Utah Fall?

By: Laura Summers

Given that COVID-19 is now (somewhat) in our rear-view mirror, it is interesting to look-back to see how well our state performed. Unfortunately, this pandemic impacted more than just a person’s health, and there are a myriad of economic, social, and education-related measures one could examine when evaluating a state’s performance.

To get a glimpse at understanding how well Utah performed, I’ve compiled its ranking on four composite measures into the table below. While not comprehensive, the rankings represent available analyses that present a composite score as opposed to a single narrow measure. They also come from a mix of academic, nonprofit, and other entities and are developed using different data from different periods of time. As such, they are not directly comparable, but when combined, present the beginning of a picture of how well Utah responded to the pandemic.

Looking at the rankings in Table 1, Utah performed extremely well relative to other states when it comes to its COVID-19 response.  Utah ranks first and second on two of the rankings and in the top 10 on three of the four. The fourth measure, from Berkeley’s Othering and Belonging Institute, only takes into account health-related measures such as rates of infection, death and testing, rather than a more comprehensive view of the economy and social factors.

Table 1: Utah’s Ranking on Four Composite Measures of States’ COVID-19 Response

Certainly, the list of rankings included above is not inclusive of every ranking and measure. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for example, show that the share of Utah’s population who have been fully vaccinated falls below th