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Insight: COVID-19 Pandemic Creates Unprecedented Challenges for Utah’s Tourism Industry

By: Jennifer Leaver

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Right now, my husband is at the kitchen table typing on his laptop, my son is sitting at the kitchen counter working on a math-based web platform, and my teenage daughter is in her bedroom video chatting with her science class. I am stationed at a small desk in my bedroom, our two cats snoozing peacefully on the bed beside me. As for many, this has become the new normal. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone has the option or ability to “work from home”—particularly those who work in a variety of service-oriented sectors that support our travel and tourism economy.

Tourism Economics (TE) recently forecasted COVID-19’s potential impacts on the international travel market. TE predicts a 31% year-over-year decline in global travel in 2020. This includes a 75