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Insight: Census Bureau Releases 2022 Population Estimates and Components of Change for Counties

By Emily Harris

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The Census Bureau has released its second set of products for the 2022 vintage: population estimates and components of change for all counties in the United States. Usually, the metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas are included with the county estimates, but there is a delay this year so they will be released in May.

Generally, we utilize the Utah Population Committee (UPC) population estimates  for Utah in our work, but Census Bureau estimates give us the chance to compare Utah and its counties to other states and the nation.

To learn more about this data release and see the complete Utah data, see our latest fact sheet.

Nationally, growth in many of the nation’s large counties is rebounding back to pre-pandemic levels, while smaller county growth is moderating to pre-pandemic levels. And for the first time in a while, none of Utah’s counties cracked a national top 10 list.