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Insight: A Demographer’s Revisionist History: Intercensal Population Estimates for 2010-2019 Released

By: Emily Harris

In August 2021, the Census Bureau released the 2020 Census Redistricting data, providing county population totals (among other data points) for April 1, 2020. This data enabled us to revise the Utah Population Committee (UPC) 2010-2019 postcensal population estimates to create intercensal estimates. You can download the new set of intercensal estimates here. It is standard practice to revise postcensal estimates, benchmarked off the previous (2010) census, to terminate at the subsequent (2020) census counts. This process provides a continuous estimate series across Decennial time points.

Intercensal estimates are considered more accurate than postcensal estimates since they incorporate more definitive population data. Additionally, many organizations that use population estimates as denominators will either revise their previous work with the intercensal estimates (for calculating demographic and disease incidence rates) or incorporate them into historical series for produc