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Carbon and Emery counties are only 90 minutes away from Utah’s rapidly growing tech industry located along “Silicon Slopes” in Lehi, Utah. Emery Telecom provides better broadband to Utah’s Coal Country than many residents in Salt Lake City receive. Our Silicon Slopes East innovation calls for the following:

  • Recruitment — Recruit and screen a cohort of local residents willing to pursue IT certifications.
  • Coding Boot Camp – Develop a partnership with a qualified “Coding Bootcamp” service to deliver IT certification through a mixture of on-site and on-line delivery methods.
  • Scholarships – Provide scholarships to trainees on the condition that they commit to working in Carbon and Emery County for at least two years after completing the training.
  • Curricula – Work with Carbon and Emery school districts to provide IT training curricula.
  • Internships and remote worksite – Partner with Silicon Slopes for internships and to establish a remote worksite in Price City branded as Silicon Slopes East.
  • Silicon Slopes Chapter – Start a Silicon Slopes East chapter.