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Census Bureau Programs

State Data Center

In 1982, the State of Utah entered into a voluntary agreement with the U.S. Bureau of the Census to establish the Utah State Data Center (SDC) program. The SDC Program is one of the Census Bureau’s longest and most successful partnerships. The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute serves as the lead coordinating agency for thirty additional organizations in Utah that make up the Utah State, Business and Industry Data Center (SDC/BIDC) information network. This extensive network of SDC affiliates consists of major universities, libraries, regional and local organizations, as well as government agencies that produce primary data on Utah. Each one of these affiliates uses and provide the public with socio-economic, demographic or fiscal data on Utah.

The Utah SDC program provides training and technical assistance in accessing and using Census data for research, administration, planning, and decision-making by government, business community, university researchers, and other interested data users.

For assistance with your data needs please contact:

Mallory Bateman

Utah State Data Center Coordinator



Additional information about the State Data Center Program can be found on the Census Bureau’s website.

Federal-State Cooperative for Population Estimates (FSCPE)

FSCPE agencies, designated by their respective governors, work in cooperation with the Population Division to produce subnational population estimates. The Census Bureau begins the process of preparing population estimates by updating population information from the most recent census with information found in the annual administrative records of Federal and state agencies. The Federal agencies provide tax records, Medicare records and some vital statistics information. The FSCPE agencies supply vital statistics, and information about group quarters like college dorms or prisons. The Census Bureau and FSCPE members combine census and administrative records information to produce current population estimates consistent with the last decennial census counts. The Census estimates are sent to the FSCPE agencies for review and comment.

In addition, some FSCPE agencies also produce their own population estimates and projections. Utah Population Committee (UPC) produces population estimates by state and county. Population estimates are used to distribute over $400 billion in Federal funding and to determine eligibility for many social programs which are based on population.

Federal-State Cooperative for Population Projections (FSCPP)

State FSCPP agencies, designated by their respective governors, work in cooperation with the Population Projections Branch to exchange technical information on the production of Census Bureau and state agencies’ subnational population projections. This exchange is facilitated by an annual meeting of the FSCPP, which focuses on the sharing of ideas and new developments in the field of population projections. The agencies then produce independent state and local area projections using methodology and techniques that meet their specific needs. The FSCPP program is a companion to the FSCPE program.

The Utah Demographic and Economic Model population projections for counties and the State of Utah can be found here.