Three Utah counties among fastest growing in the nation

By: Emily Harris, M.S. Utah made national headlines last December when the Census Bureau identified Utah as the fastest growing state in the nation. Today the Census Bureau released the county-level estimates for July 1, 2016, and Utah continues to make headlines. Three Utah counties, San Juan, Wasatch, and Juab, were in the top 10 fastest growing counties in the nation. […]

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Utah Tops National Growth

By: Pamela S. Perlich Census Bureau estimates released today confirm that Utah’s population surpassed 3 million and also had the most rapid growth rate last year. The state population for July 1, 2016 of 3,051,217 is an increase of 60,585, the 11th highest population growth amount among all states. Utah’s highest in the nation annual growth rate of 2.03 percent, outpaces second-ranked Nevada (1.95 percent), and third ranked Idaho (1.83 percent). Utah also became the 31st most populous state, increasing from a ranking of 34 in 2010. In the process, it surpassed Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kansas. […]

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Imagine Utah’s Next 50 Years

By: Natalie Gochnour Originally published in the Deseret News In 1966, Utah reached the 1 million population milestone. Community leaders celebrated the achievement by greeting Utah’s newest resident — dubbed “Mr. Million” – with a 60-piece band as he stepped off the airplane. Since then Utah has added another 2 million people, and projections released last week by the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute suggest another 2.5 million new residents over the next 50 years. It begs the question, what does the future portend for the Beehive State? […]

Demographic Milestone: Utah’s Hispanic Population Surpasses 400,000

By: Pamela S. Perlich New estimates released today by the Bureau of the Census indicate that Utah’s Hispanic population has reached 411,143 by July 1, 2015. This means that about 1 out of every 7 Utahns (13.7 percent) is Hispanic or Latino, and greater than 1 out of every 5 new Utahns (22.8 percent) since the 2010 Census count is Hispanic. This population is young, with an estimated median age of 24.4 years old, compared to 30.7 years old for the state as a whole. […]

Beyond Fertility: Utah's population is not just homegrown

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, Ph.D. The population of Utah recently surpassed 3 million. This milestone has been achieved as a result of the combination of positive natural increase, with the annual number births consistently exceeding deaths, and significant net in-migration, especially since 1990. People who follow population issues in Utah are well aware of the state’s signature demographics, which include the highest fertility rate and youngest median age among all states. It was quite fitting that Governor Herbert recognized this milestone while standing in a maternity ward.  […]

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Utah’s Fertility Rate is at Historic Low

By: Pamela S. Perlich, Ph.D. Utah is well-known for its signature demographics, the most iconic of which is the highest total fertility rate in the nation. What is perhaps less well-recognized is that Utah’s fertility rate has fallen significantly since 1960, when it was 4.30 children per woman, to 2.33 in the most recent data for 2014. This is an historically low fertility rate for Utah, and only slightly exceeds the replacement level of 2.1.[1] We can identify several key drivers of this change. […]

Census Releases Detailed Data on Utah’s Veteran Population

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, Ph.D. Every Veterans Day I remember back to how handsome my father was in his blue Air Force uniform and carefully shined black shoes. When I was very young my dad was a pilot in the Strategic Air Command, which was a key component of the “strategic nuclear strike force” during the Cold War. I remember that he would dress in his green flight suit with the tall black boots, pack his duffle bag, and leave the house for what seemed like forever. His homecomings are very happy memories for me. […]

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Utah Population Achieves 3 Million

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, Ph.D. The DemographyUTAH team estimates that the Utah population has reached 3,000,000 as of October 2015. As with all estimates, there is an element of uncertainty. Migration is always the wild card. If migration has been more rapid than estimated, we may have achieved this milestone in August. Conversely, if migration is less than estimated, the three million mark may not be reached until January of 2016. […]

9/17/15: New Evidence Demonstrates Utah Continues to Change

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, PhD By: Effie Van Noy Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2014 American Community Survey 1-year estimates.[i] These data show us that while Utah maintains its “signature demographics”, it is also being transformed by long run national demographic and economic trends. Evidence of the effects of the Great Recession and subsequent slow but steady recovery are also appearing in these data.    […]

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8/24/15: Demography as Possibility

By: Dr. Pamela Perlich, PhD Our newly organized Demography Team just initiated an ambitious research effort to produce detailed population projections for all Utah counties. We embark on this multiyear program of work with the clear understanding that the future is neither known nor knowable. So, how and why do we do the work? […]

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