Graduate Assistant

Tamanna Badhan is a graduate assistant working on applied research projects with a focus on quantitative methods.

Ms. Badhan’s work focuses on the evaluation component of the ASPIRE (Achieving Success by Promoting Readiness for Education and Employment) project, an experimental design study funded by the US Department of Education.  The goal of ASPIRE is to increase youth recipients of SSI and their family’s overall household income, and thereby reduce the household’s dependence upon public benefits, by increased educational attainment and increased career achievement.   ASPIRE’s formative evaluation team at the University of Utah is analyzing the impact of the study. Ms. Badhan assists the project evaluation team with data analysis and other administrative work.

Ms. Badhan graduated with a bachelor’s degree from North South University, Bangladesh, where she studied economics and finance. She is currently completing her master’s in economics at the University of Utah.