Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsors

The Founding Sponsors help guide the development of the institute, make a financial commitment to the institute and serve as ambassadors for the institute within the broader community and region.

Public Entities

Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake City

Non-Profit Entities

Salt Lake Chamber

Utah League of Cities and Towns

Business Entities and Individuals

Mark Bouchard, CBRE

Jake Boyer, The Boyer Company

Roger Boyer, The Boyer Company

Wilford Clyde, Clyde Companies

Deseret Management Corporation

Paul Edwards, Deseret News

Christian Gardner, The Gardner Company

Kem C. Gardner, The Gardner Company

Dave Golden, Wells Fargo

Robert Grow, Envision Utah

Clark Ivory, Ivory Homes

Ellis Ivory, Ivory Homes

Julie M. and David S. Layton Foundation

Rattie Family Foundation

Chris Redgrave, Zions Bank

David Salisbury, Goldman Sachs

Randy Shumway, Cicero Group