The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute partners with the Bureau of the Census and the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget to prepare and share Utah population estimates.

The national census, conducted every ten years, provides the most complete, detailed, and accurate counts of Utahns down to the neighborhood level. Census 2010 is the most recent of these enumerations. These counts become increasingly dated over time. The solution is to use utilize more recent data including births, deaths, school enrollment, building permits, and other data to develop on-going estimates of the population (i.e., postcensal estimates). Once the next Census is conducted, estimates from the previous decade are revised to target the new enumeration (intercensal estimates).

State and county level population estimates

State and County-Level Population Estimates

The demographics team at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute produces state and county-level population estimates separate from those produced by the U.S. Census Bureau. Our population estimates differ from the Census Bureau by utilizing a different methodology and data, and by providing more contextual understandings and interpretations of Utah-specific population estimates.

Salt Lake City Data Book 2017

This Salt Lake City Data Book has been sponsored by Salt Lake City Corporation. It presents the newest available data from various federal and state level entities regarding the demographics, socioeconomics, housing status, and general economic information about the city.

Utah Demographic Profiles and Reports

Utah Demographic Profiles & Reports

Utah is well-known for its signature demographics, which include the youngest population, largest household sizes, and among the most rapidly growing populations compared to other states. This section provides summaries and reports on some of the most requested demographic information about the State of Utah.

If you are looking for population estimates produced by the Census Bureau, please visit here.

Small Area Estimates Salt Lake County

Small Area Estimates 2010-2016: Salt Lake County and Utah County

Accurate estimates of population, households, group quarters populations, and housing units provide an essential factual foundation for a wide range of program, product, service, and investment planning and evaluation.